Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2012’

  • A quick workout

    It’s one of those days, I am a bit short on time but I did not want to miss any chance to grab a workout, even a short one.  I know that time is the number one excuse for not working out, and I like …

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  • I hate leg extensions.

    Leg extensions can be helpful, but really only for people with major stability or mobility issues.  If you are a fully capable human, you should think twice before sitting down on a machine and calling it a workout.  Why are you at the gym? To …

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  • Excuses, excuses

    Everybody has them. I don’t have time to workout, I’m too tired, I’m too stressed. Yeah, yeah, yeah… cry me a river.  Working out is about a lifestyle change, it is not about getting a six pack.  It should be more about being the best …

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"I am already seeing results!" -Teevee