Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2012’

  • A couple of recent milestones

    Today in the gym I squatted 315 for 10 solid reps.  One year ago I was probably at 5 reps.  This felt really good.  I probably could have squeaked out an extra rep or two, but I know when to rack the bar.  A few weeks ago I …

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  • Time off

    I have to remind myself pretty regularly that it is ok to take a day off from the gym.  I love getting as many workouts as possible in any given week, but I have to be realistic.  If I just came off of a heavy deadlift session, …

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  • Do not neglect the barbell

    I understand that some people have no desire to build muscle and get stronger.  Why anyone would not want to be a bit stronger is beyond me…. but that’s beside the point.  So you are serious about training, right?  Then why would you neglect the most tried and …

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  • Therapy time

    The gym is therapy for me. I forget about everything except for the iron that lies before me.  I push, I pull, I squat, sometimes I curl… sometimes.  But every time I do this, I leave feeling refreshed.  I have accomplished something.  Maybe I set …

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"I am already seeing results!" -Teevee