Therapy time

The gym is therapy for me. I forget about everything except for the iron that lies before me.  I push, I pull, I squat, sometimes I curl… sometimes.  But every time I do this, I leave feeling refreshed.  I have accomplished something.  Maybe I set a new personal record, maybe I didn’t, what matters is that I did it.  I am committed to this life.  If I miss the gym for more than two days in a row, I don’t feel quite right.  I have irrational fears  that my deadlift will suddenly plummet and I will find myself struggling to bench press 95lbs.  I also find myself snapping at people who don’t deserve it…. Get out of my way, bud, I haven’t squatted anything in a while.  Ridiculous? Yes. True? Absolutely.

I love the gym, I like feeling my grip give out on a heavy pull.  I embrace DOMs as a badge of honor.  I like pushing myself to the last possible rep, but always on my final set, and never before.  Sometimes, if I am feeling really crazy, I swing a kettlebell until I get a rush of endorphins.

The gym is a safe place.  So you are new here… welcome.  Do not be intimidated by the man bench pressing a Volkswagen.  He also was once a beginner to all of this.  This is your club, the weights are your brothers.  It takes real commitment to see results though.  Do not give up in a month or two because you are not progressing.  The changes will come, I promise you.  The first step is getting through the door, the rest is easy.

Don’t know where to start?  If you are new you should start with simple, full body workouts.  Take some time and learn how to squat, press and deadlift.  Mix in body weight exercises like pullups and pushups.  Need help with form? Seek out a trainer, I know a really good one.

Get in the gym.

  1. MichelMichel02-07-2012

    What is DOM?

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