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“I was going to start working out but Thanksgiving is in like three weeks or something so what’s the point?”

Every year these words or something similar are muttered or posted into the social media universe by thousands of Americans.  People just seem to give up during the holidays.  This has always confused me.

Working out needs to simply be about making better choices and building healthy habits.  These habits lead to a better life.  Why put them off any more than you have to?  I understand the holidays can be stressful, but that’s just another reason to start exercising.  You don’t have to go big, adding daily walking to your life is a simple yet important step that has been shown to improve health markers exponentially.

Already walking daily? That’s great!  How about adding in two simple strength sessions a week now?  They do not have to be crazy.  Bodyweight squats and elevated push ups using a table or desk are a great start, and you can knockout a few sets of each in less than a half hour.  Start doing it every other day and eventually it becomes habit and you will start looking for other ways to challenge yourself and increase strength.

Do you avoid veggies like the plague? Start adding a handful of veggies to your diet once a day.  Do this for a month and I bet you will start adding them in more frequently.

You have established a new healthy habit, and once you have it established, you tend to expand on it.  This is the power of habit.

My point is this:  If you want to start making your life better, just start small and keep your expectations realistic.  You are obviously not going to get the body of a fitness model with these simple changes, but I bet you will lose some fat and build a little muscle, especially if you are starting from scratch.

Keep it simple.  Build solid habits, and then expand them as you see fit.  This is the recipe for success, and it is the way to a healthier life.

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