Spotting the Fitness Con

Dick Talens of Fitocracy has written an excellent piece detailing what to look out for in terms of modern day snake oil sales.

“The health and fitness industry will treat you like it’s your first time at the Cheers bar—Dr. Oz recommending the best drinks, Food Babe warning you that the special tastes funny, Asprey telling you that you won’t absorb calories from beer if you eat the wings at the same time, and everyone else eager to learn your name. Take it at face value, and you’ll end up mysteriously missing your wallet. The worst part is that you’ll still want to come back and hang with your new “friends.” (I mean they were just so damn nice to you!)

Instead, treat the industry like you’re walking alone at night in a dangerous neighborhood. Stay cautious, avoid sketchy-looking alleys, and only walk along brightly-lit areas.”

Entire article can be found here


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