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Building muscle while Vegging Out

By vegging out I mean going vegetarian or vegan.  This topic comes up a lot.  I am in the camp that thinks the human body is amazing, and can obtain energy and build muscle through many different dietary choices.  This also happens to be the camp with the most evidence.

Of course we need protein to build muscle, but it does not have to be animal meat protein.

For example, eggs and whey protein are consistently ranked as being complete proteins and highly digestible, meaning the body can use most of the protein from these sources. They also both fit into what would be a vegetarian diet.

As Kristen Perillo laid out in her recent article for JMax Fitness,

“There are three factors to consider when choosing good proteins sources as vegetarian:

Getting a variety of protein sources to avoid boredom

Getting all 9 essential amino acids

Getting protein sources that are lower in carbs”

Bottom line, just as there are many different exercises used to build muscle, there are also many different types of foods available.  You just need to ask a few questions and make the choices that are right for you.


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