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Getting Serious about your Fitness

James Fell over at Body For Wife, has written a great post here about how to get serious about fitness.

This is a common question.

James provides three criteria for finding your groove and getting serious once and for all.

  1. Find an exercise that defines you
  2. Test your limits
  3. Gradually start to look at food as fuel instead of a source for pleasure

These are all great points and he expands on each.  The first one alone is where many people get tripped up and lose their focus.

My exercise zen has always been in the weight room, that is where I thrive.  I like being strong and building muscle.  Others might find their zen in a yoga class, whatever it might be, you must put in the effort to find it!

If you are in the Dallas area and think you can benefit with some help from an experienced personal trainer, please reach out to me.





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