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  • Barbell Row

    The Barbell Row

    The barbell row is a great exercise with many different variations. The row targets all of the muscles in the middle back, including the traps, lats, rear delts, as well as the biceps.  For anyone looking to develop some righteous back strength and mass, you should …

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  • Change it up, but not too much

    I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and change my workouts a bit.  A few staples never change, but weights and progressions will look different.  I always go for the barbell first in my own sessions.  For me and many of my clients …

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  • Make it a habit!

    Just like brushing your teeth, getting enough sleep and remembering to eat, exercise should also become part of your everyday life.  In the beginning it will be hard, it might be tedious sometimes, and it might be the last thing you want to do.  Knowing …

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  • It’s pretty simple

    Look, I know you’re busy.  I know you work a lot of hours.  I know your kids require a great deal of your time. But this is pretty simple.  How do you want to feel for the rest of your days?  Are you okay with …

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  • How are your goals going?

    Did you give up on that resolution?  Is your gym membership getting any use?  What about that new piece of equipment that you bought for the house… collecting dust?  It’s time to get moving, man.  You need to get out of your comfort zone, and do the …

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  • Change your future

    I love the way working out makes me feel.  I like being strong and healthy.  I do not always love my workouts, but I get them done because I know I will regret not doing it.  I am passionate about this path I have chosen …

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  • A couple of recent milestones

    Today in the gym I squatted 315 for 10 solid reps.  One year ago I was probably at 5 reps.  This felt really good.  I probably could have squeaked out an extra rep or two, but I know when to rack the bar.  A few weeks ago I …

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  • Time off

    I have to remind myself pretty regularly that it is ok to take a day off from the gym.  I love getting as many workouts as possible in any given week, but I have to be realistic.  If I just came off of a heavy deadlift session, …

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  • Do not neglect the barbell

    I understand that some people have no desire to build muscle and get stronger.  Why anyone would not want to be a bit stronger is beyond me…. but that’s beside the point.  So you are serious about training, right?  Then why would you neglect the most tried and …

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  • Therapy time

    The gym is therapy for me. I forget about everything except for the iron that lies before me.  I push, I pull, I squat, sometimes I curl… sometimes.  But every time I do this, I leave feeling refreshed.  I have accomplished something.  Maybe I set …

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