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As someone that had never lifted weights before, I was a little intimidated to begin learning at age 25. I have always headed straight for the cardio machines at the gym and they proved to show little results.

Jim had great patience with me while learning and made me feel confident in what I could accomplish. He encouraged me, yet pushed me to go further than I originally thought I could.

I now accomplish more in less time at the gym, and feel much more productive during my workouts. I highly recommend Jim, and especially his home gym for training.

It served to create a great learning environment for being taught how to do things correctly as well as gain understanding of the workout and its benefits as a whole.

Katy Utley

I’ve never written a review before, but then I’ve never had such a good reason.

In the area of health and fitness training, I’ll just say, there’s Jim Lyons and then there’s everybody else.
I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I’ve tried enough to know. He’s changed me — in so many ways. There were a lot of things that weren’t exactly working in our favor:

I’ve hated exercising and sports all my life. I haven’t even cared enough to try. I had back surgery which made exercising even less enticing.

But then, for the first time in my life, I gained a lot of weight. I’d lose it and gain it right back. I was only 5 feet tall to begin with, but losing some of that height from osteoporosis.

And I turned 65.

I chose Jim because I liked him the best. He was the easiest to be around and the most knowledgeable. Every time he leaves, I feel both good and proud of myself. He’s gotten more out of me than I thought I had in me. In between our sessions, I look forward to them (!).

I forget that about half the time in the sessions, I think I won’t make it through them. And then they’re over before I know it.

He gets me to talk or otherwise not notice how hard I’m working, so that I have more fun with it than I would have thought possible. He has a way of getting you to go further than you thought possible, while, at the same time, recognizing when you’re not up to par and ever–so–subtly modifying what he has you do. He never lets you over–do it.

Jim always has a good mix of variation and consistency in what he has me do. I’ve never gotten sick of an exercise. I’ve never had pain from exercising the next day. I now look forward to our sessions. And in two months, I lost 6 inches around my waist.


As an over 50 beginner in the world of more serious fitness attempts, I spent about 10 years trudging along without a great deal to show for my efforts.

When I began to train with Jim I found that my efforts started really benefiting me. I have reduced my cholesterol, have increased my core strength and am generally stronger with more stamina.

My bone density has also increased! I recently took a metabolic wellness test for my company and passed in all areas! I even feel less stressed. I look forward to the next pointers Jim Lyons may have for me.

Jim always encourages you to work toward your personal best. He even has me doing squats!

When done correctly (and he will show you what that means) you do not stress your knees but your certainly build up leg strength. Jim is awesome and will make your time in the gym more productive!

Shirl J.

I have been training with Jim twice a week for 6 months and continue to be more than satisfied on more

than one front. I have lost weight, become more flexible and improved my overall health in general. I’m not exactly a spring chicken (I’ll be 68 in January) and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the

pace of a personal trainer, which has been a problem in the past. One of the many great things about

working with Jim is the fact that he truly is a “personal” trainer, not a “one size fits all”. I have some

very specific physical challenges and he has worked with me and with my physical therapist to address

my issues. His facilities are great, he really knows what he’s doing and, on top of all that, he’s a really

great guy. I actually look forward to our sessions.

Tom Greer

Jim is an absolutely fantastic trainer! I came to him because I didn’t feel like I was maximizing my time in the gym. I asked him to

help me revamp how I approached my workouts, and with his advice have started a new fitness program that is killer (in the best way). I’ve already

added weight to my bench press and deadlifts, and my squat form is much improved as a result of Jim’s coaching. He also taught me how to do

metabolic training on my days off, and I love it! After spending time with Jim, I feel confident that I am on the path to a leaner, tighter

physique. Call him!

Claire Veal

"I am already seeing results!" -Teevee